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As both primary and secondary schools will be opening on 2nd of February, and the children at Dream Children’s Ministry Uganda lack school supplies, we therefore request you to help us meet the school needs of these 68 children (orphans).

Your donations will go directly to meet the school needs of the children as listed below:

1. School fees $450
2. 26 dozens of books (96 pages) $ 40
3. 36 dozens of books (48 pages ) $ 43.9
4. 8 dozens of mathematical sets (kofa) $ 49.8
5. 5 boxes of pens (Bic) $31.2
6. 10 boxes of pencils $49.8

TOTAL =$664.

When you donate, just specify in the comment that it is for school supplies.

And remember, you can sponsor a child with only $30 monthly or $15 to co sponsor.

We appreciate you all for your donations.
May God bless you and all your families.