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A Visitor

It was around 3pm 30 Thursday when our managing director Mr.David Oteko, (the one in the white shirt in the photo,) got a call from our Lovely Sister Maria Ruiz from Australia saying that she was already in Kampala, Uganda and she was so eager to visit our ministry on Friday, May 31st. On Friday afternoon, she was already in Jinja waiting for Mr.David Oteko to go and pick her and we really shared a lot with her at the office, she was really a blessing to us and the ministry at large.

She spent the whole day with us and she really appreciated our work.

In the photo:
Mr. David Oteko in a white shirt.
Sister Maria Ruiz in the middle.
Mr. Ivan Lyagoba in a t-shirt.

Visitors in May

Maria Ruiz visits from Australia

Be the Change You Want to See

Happy boys!

Happy boys!

The only way to see big change happen in this world is if we work together. That is the principle that we stand on in everything that we do. The small things in life are often the things that we underestimate. However, if someone sponsors a child for only $45 monthly, this amount of money can make all the difference in a child’s life. This is because with that amount, the child is taken to school, provided with proper clothing, shown that people care, and gets his or her basic needs met. We have 50 orphans and all of them need sponsors. I believe we can help all these children!

Please let’s make a world of difference to someone struggling, we will sometimes be the difference between survival and death.