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29th of August 2017 11:52 PM Link
Dream children's ministry Uganda is raising funds to buy a land where they will build orphanage, would you please join this great cause!
21st of September 2016 06:26 AM Link
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4th of July 2016 09:16 AM Link
Pleas check out our children's home budget on our website and see what the Lord is telling you to do for these little forgotten ones. We still need your help with securing this beautiful house for the children, they need real love and care and i place they will call their home., We need to pay rent at least for one year.
1. Utilities (House rent,Power, water,medical, charcoal, firewood, paraffin, transport, communications and workers allowances) per month UGX shs 2,946,800. USD $1.178,72
2.Beds and bedding (beds, mattresses, bed sheets,blankets, mosquito nets and pillpws) UGX SHS 7,672.000. USD $3.068.8
3. Kitchen Equipments ( sauce pans,charcoal stoves,water tanks, Jerri cans, basins, buckets, plates,cups,lamps, flat iron, water jars, plastic chairs, dining tables) UGX SHS 2.359.500. USD $943.8
4.Food per month UGX SHS 3,378,900. USD $1.351.56
5. Hygiene products (tooth brush, toothpaste, washing soap,bathing soap, skin care jelly, washing powder, shoe polish and toilet papers) per month UGX SHS 753,000. USD $301.2

Please you can choose one item or donate half way, you can as well wire your donations via our ministry bank account below or donate online via our website:

A/C NUMBER: 24499605010112

Donate online:
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27th of October 2014 04:59 PM Link
Have you ever thought of blessing a child with any gift?
here is the opportunity today to bless the little children.
Send anything or make your contributions and we will buy gifts for them.
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23rd of May 2014 03:05 PM Link
These are just few of the school supplies we bought today for the children who are under our child care programme, we will supply them tomorrow.
We thank you all for your generosity and kind hearts,see what your penny does!
With the little you give,changes some ones life,these children lack a lot basic needs and i will be drafting the list and post here and also on our website.
They also need sponsors for their education and other needs,please join us in making a difference in the lives of the these unprivileged orphans,street and vulnerable children.
Make your donations online via our website
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31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM
31st of December 1969 06:00 PM

school children


As both primary and secondary schools will be opening on 2nd of February, and the children at Dream Children’s Ministry Uganda lack school supplies, we therefore request you to help us meet the school needs of these 68 children (orphans).

Your donations will go directly to meet the school needs of the children as listed below:

1. School fees $450
2. 26 dozens of books (96 pages) $ 40
3. 36 dozens of books (48 pages ) $ 43.9
4. 8 dozens of mathematical sets (kofa) $ 49.8
5. 5 boxes of pens (Bic) $31.2
6. 10 boxes of pencils $49.8

TOTAL =$664.

When you donate, just specify in the comment that it is for school supplies.

And remember, you can sponsor a child with only $30 monthly or $15 to co sponsor.

We appreciate you all for your donations.
May God bless you and all your families.

A Sad Day – Funeral for the husband of Gorret, our Ministry’s Secretary, in Uganda


The burial of the husband of our secretary went well, the burial took place in Iganga district. The man left two wives and 6 children, one boy and 5 girls who are all very young.

JESUS IS LORD MINISTRIES promised to stand with Gorret in her hard moments in raising up her children. She will always need your support in educating the children and metting basic needs for the family and we can not do this without your prayers and support.

Your support and prayers for her family will be highly be appreciated.

James 1:27
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

May the soul of her husband late Paul rest in peace!

July 2013 Monthly Report


Home Prayer Groups

Home Prayer Groups

Amen Amen!!

We really want to give thanks to our Mighty God because of our home cell prayers, whenever we go prayers on Tuesday and Thursday, many people join us even the ones who are not saved.

We started with 5 people but now we are 17 and we believe God is bring more people to join us.

In this home prayer cells, we pray teach people the word of God, pray for the sick, and invite those who are not saved to get saved.

Home Prayer Groups

Home Prayer Groups


A widow at the home cell prayers gave a testimony and here it goes:

At night around 3pm when I and my children are sleeping, I heard a child saying “Who poured water on my bed?”

The child was feeling and touching something so cold; I had to wake up and get a candle.

When I checked, it was a big snake on the child’s bed!!!!

We cried for help from the neighbors and they responded so quickly, the snake was killed.”

There are so many great miracles that the Lord is doing in our home cell prayer group and the numbers of people are increasing every time when we go for prayers.

This is what our director David Oteko in Uganda told the group after the testimony:

The Lord says in Psalm 91: 13

You will trample upon lions and cobras,
you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet.

Psalms 91:14 says:

The Lord says will rescue those who love me,
I will protect those who trust in my name.

Please my brothers and sister, stand with us in prayer for this ministry that God will continue to do mighty miracles for the widows and orphans.


Our widows are making paper necklaces for income-generating activities and soon they will be on sale.

This project will help the widows and their families to earn a living since these crafts will be sold all over the world. They are in different colors and we hope that you will order a necklace to help a widow in Uganda.


Your support means a lot to us and we request that you continue to support our work since we operate only by the contributions of our friends.

May God bless you so much.

P.O.BOX 2220,
http://jesusislordministries –

AURORA, MO 65605-1443
CHARITY NO: 1284050




When we finished the building of Florence Bengo’s house 13th April 2013, we took a brief tour in the village; we did not know that God was leading us to help another widow who urgently needs help!

God led us to this widow called Rachael Nabiry who is blind of 86 years, she is staying with two of her daughters children who died of AIDS and they are the ones who are now taking care of her which has made these children not to get a chance of going to school. The whole house needs to be renovated, the roof links when it rains which causes them not sleep some times when it rains at night. We need your support to help Rachael and we can do it with your support.

Name:   Rachael Nabiry
Age: 86
Occupation: none
Health Status:  Blindness and advanced age

Rachael Nabiry, Age 86 and blind

Rachael Nabiry and the grandchildren she cares for











Rachael Nabiry, Age 86 and blind


This is the picture of her full house which she sleeps in with those two kids. The iron sheets of the roof are all very old and they leak when it rains. The whole roof needs to be removed and then replace a new one and that is what we need to do for her – if you can help us to do it.

House that needs a new roof.

House that needs a new roof.

Rachel's bed on the floor

Rachel’s bed on the floor








Rachael and the kids sleep down on the floor, as you can see her old mattress in the photo! She really needs your support and we are requesting that you give what you can for this widow and the children.

We sat as a committee and made a budget for renovating Rachael’s house as shown below and you can pick to buy an item of your choice,

Iron sheets 12 $ 300
pools 20 $ 65
Door and window 1 each $ 57
Nails 3 kg $ 20
Builders (2) $ 60
Transport $ 35
TOTAL   $ 537

Thank you so much for helping us to help others.

God bless you.

David Oteko