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29th of August 2017 11:52 PM Link
Dream children's ministry Uganda is raising funds to buy a land where they will build orphanage, would you please join this great cause!
21st of August 2017 12:11 PM Link
21st of September 2016 06:26 AM Link
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4th of July 2016 09:16 AM Link
Pleas check out our children's home budget on our website and see what the Lord is telling you to do for these little forgotten ones. We still need your help with securing this beautiful house for the children, they need real love and care and i place they will call their home., We need to pay rent at least for one year.
1. Utilities (House rent,Power, water,medical, charcoal, firewood, paraffin, transport, communications and workers allowances) per month UGX shs 2,946,800. USD $1.178,72
2.Beds and bedding (beds, mattresses, bed sheets,blankets, mosquito nets and pillpws) UGX SHS 7,672.000. USD $3.068.8
3. Kitchen Equipments ( sauce pans,charcoal stoves,water tanks, Jerri cans, basins, buckets, plates,cups,lamps, flat iron, water jars, plastic chairs, dining tables) UGX SHS 2.359.500. USD $943.8
4.Food per month UGX SHS 3,378,900. USD $1.351.56
5. Hygiene products (tooth brush, toothpaste, washing soap,bathing soap, skin care jelly, washing powder, shoe polish and toilet papers) per month UGX SHS 753,000. USD $301.2

Please you can choose one item or donate half way, you can as well wire your donations via our ministry bank account below or donate online via our website:

A/C NUMBER: 24499605010112

Donate online:
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5th of March 2015 07:59 AM Link
These are the photos of the house which is going to be for DREAM CHILDREN'S MINISTRY UGANDA, the house is so safe and it has a wall fence and a gate as you can see the photos.There other separate houses from this main house and the owner told me that we can also rent them if we will need to add more children.
The owner wants us to pay at least for six month or even for one year if it's possible and it costs $200 per month where by six (6) month will cost $1200 and for a full year will cost us $2400.
Please consider prayerfully supporting us to help these children who are in need of a safe and good home.
There are many needs at the moment that are supposed to be handled for the children to come in this new home and i will lay out the needs soon.
Here you can visit our website to support this ministry
May God bless you all.
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2nd of February 2015 09:14 AM Link
We gave school materials to 150 children ,these included our 68 children and the children of the widows as well as other community vulnerable children.
Big THANKS to all who donated, we wish we could just meet all of you in person and give you our appreciation!

Each child was able o get school items and they started going to school today, our fight is o see these children meet their future DREAMS.

Please continue to support us buy sponsoring a child with only 30$ monthly or make general donations which help us meet the emergence risks that arise in the ministry such disease.

Here view our website today and sponsor or make your gift of this month of February.
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27th of January 2015 03:33 PM Link
26th of January 2015 12:14 PM

As both primary and secondary schools will be opening on 2nd of February, the children at Dream Children's Ministry Uganda lack school supplies, we therefore request you to help us meet the school needs of these 68 children (orphans).
Your donations will go directly to meet the school needs of the children as listed below:

1. School fees $ 450
2. 26 dozens of books ( 96 pages) $ 40
3. 36 dozens of books (48 pages ) $ 43.9
4. 8 dozens of mathematical sets (kofa) $ 49.8
5. 5 boxes of pens (Bic) $ 31.2
6. 10 boxes of pencils $ 49.8

TOTAL =$664.

You can donate online via our website below:
you can sponsor a child with only $30 monthly or $15 to co sponsor.

We appreciate you all for your donations.
May God bless you and all your families.
31st of December 2014 11:15 AM
With God as our leader,
may we be prepared to live another year under his guidance.
Happy New Year!!!!!
23rd of November 2014 10:46 AM Link
Our Sunday school choir was great today, they sang great songs which moved everyone!
Most of these children are orphans abd they need sponsors for their education and welfare.
if you would love to sponsor a child in our Sunday school choir,send us a private message or contact us via our website below ;
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7th of November 2014 08:46 AM
Introduction to DCM-U
Dear Brothers/ Sisters and prayer partners in the Lord Jesus Christ,
I send warm and lovely greetings to you and all your beloved families in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is so greet to let you know about our organization plan to help orphans, street, needy and vulnerable children in Uganda.
Dream Children’s Ministry Uganda is an Organization focused on orphans, street, needy and vulnerable; serving the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the most disadvantaged children, Promoting family and community life of children and adolescents with violated human rights is an investment in their recovery and strengthens the community. Every child or adolescent with violated rights needs special protection.
Dream Children’s Ministry-Uganda is a pro-life giving ministry whose mission and mandate is to uphold the sanctity of human life and endeavoring to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs to the HIV/AIDS orphans, street, needy and vulnerable children of Uganda who are facing Education, shelter and welfare problems.
Our aim is to reach all kinds and depths of HIV/AIDS afflicted Children in both rural and urban communities of Uganda through various means especially the teaching of the love and virtue of Jesus Christ.
We are a fully registered Non-Profit Organization and derive our support from the friends who voluntarily give in order to make our organization operate to horizons and societies that can’t be easily reached by the average human.
The orphan and vulnerable children social problem is one of the biggest challenges facing many families and the government of Uganda. Orphans need care and support in form of basic needs like nutrition, clothing, health, education, and security and life skills perhaps much more than children in normal family situations. Many of these orphans live in absolute poverty with no schooling, and are left to the mercy of nature to form their future and destiny. Right now the extended family in Uganda is over burdened by the numbers of children left behind by the relatives who die of HIV/AIDS and war.

This year and next year, Dream Children’s Ministry Uganda is focusing on raising money to buy land to build a home and Church and a school of their own. On this land will be children’s home (Dream children’s Home), school (Dream primary school, Clinic, Computer centre (Dream’s computer centre) community church, missionary house, staff quarters and storage facility and a farm.
Our goal is to purchase our own land and construct our own children’s home, school and a clinic permitting us to house more vulnerable, orphaned and abused children of Uganda. And offer the children under the care of Dream Children’s family to have a home, clinic and school that is their own and minimize mandatory expenses on things like extra tuition, medical, fess, to nonexistent health practitioners etc.
This being a small piece of land, Our aim is buy 20 more acres of land in order to avail children with a wide range of opportunities like show casing their natural talents such as sports, art and crafts, singing, dancing, acting and farming, including other future projects as well.
The children will be trained in various practical skills, activities such as wood handmade crafts and jewelry, animal and crop farming, photography, information technology, brick making etc
When Dream children’s Home is built, our children will be ensured of the following:
1. Security
The house will provide a secure home which will be well monitored to ensure safety of the kids. Construction of a wall fence is also proposed to see the kids safety well kept.
2. Insurance
With a permanent building as a home for the kids, there will be security that the kids will always have as a home. And this ensures the emotional and psychological attachment to a specific home for all the kids.
3. Comfort
The completion of the building will provide comfort to the kids, with spacious rooms for both the boys and the girls. This will also provide a dining and reading room for the kids to ensure conducive learning environment. The compound for the house gives room for physical exercises for the kids.

Estimated Costs for the Land
The estimated cost for FIVE (5) of land is $5933 equivalent to UGX 14.000.000.

One acre of land costs $1186.4 equivalent to UGX 2.800.000
Two acres of land costs $2373.2 equivalent to UGX 5.600.000
Three acres of land costs $3559.2 equivalent to UGX 8,400,000
Four acres of land costs $4745.6 equivalent to UGX 11.200.000
Five acres of land costs $5933 equivalent to UGX 14.000.000
You can play an important role in this plan and in the development of these children.
So we challenge you to join us in this project - any amount will make an enormous difference, but if everyone who receives this letter gives $100, we will be able to reach our goal more sooner than expected.
There two websites where you can make your donation to:
You can also donate via the children’s ministry, here is the procedure, Go to donation page and click of the second Box which says “ I would like this designate this fund to specific ministry” and select Dream children’s Ministry Uganda or Pastor David Oteko. I will be updating you about the raised funds and on our fundraising success!
if you have questions about this journey and about Dream Children’s Ministry Uganda.
David Oteko
Tel: +256773655337
Thank you again for considering this request and for supporting this important effort.
May the Blessings of Our Lord Jesus Christ Rest Upon you and all your families!
2nd of November 2014 07:13 AM Link
At the church today (EBENEZER CHRISTIAN LIFE CHURCH ),we were so blessed by the great word of God by pastor Robert.
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27th of October 2014 04:59 PM Link
Have you ever thought of blessing a child with any gift?
here is the opportunity today to bless the little children.
Send anything or make your contributions and we will buy gifts for them.
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27th of October 2014 04:59 PM Link
Have you ever thought of blessing a child with any gift?
here is the opportunity today to bless the little children.
Send anything or make your contributions and we will buy gifts for them.
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6th of October 2014 02:40 PM Link
Dear our supporters (partners), i (David Oteko) and the whole team at Jesus is Lord Ministries Uganda are so thankful for your prayers and financial support that you generously continued to give to our organization.
On sunday 5th of this month after the church service, we supplied out the school materials to our 50 orphans who are registered with us under child care program.
Each child got books, mathematical set, pens, pencils and a ruler, however, we did not supply the materials to only the children who are registered with us, some needy children who are not registered with us also came and we had to give them school materials too.
Your generous support to our ministry enabled us to support these children and really THANK YOU SO MUCH.
We will continue to be faithful to each any any support that you will provide to our ministry since we work entirely by your support.


Please if anyone wants to contact us, here is our website link or you can message me
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19th of September 2014 04:14 AM Link
There are many children who are sleeping with only one meal per day and this has lead to the poor child growth but you can cnage one life by supporting this children.
Make a donation toady of any amount of your choice,go to our website and make your contibution today.
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4th of September 2014 08:01 AM

Heavenly greetings to you all our beloved brothers and sisters in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
We trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that you all and your families are doing well and enjoying the presence of Our Lord.

We would love to extend my great thanks to all my brothers and sisters who have supported JESUS IS LORD MINISTRIES UGANDA prayerfully and financially to meet the needs of our children (orphans,street,needy and vulnerable children) who are under our child care program
You all dearly fall under this scripture :

James 1: 27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

On 8th of September 2014, schools in Uganda will be officially opening and students will go for their third term or end of year term ,the children lack school tuition ( fees) and school supplies.
We therefore request that you prayerfully consider supporting these children with school fees and supplies since they can not stay in school without them since those without are being chased back to their homes hence missing a lot from school.

We have listed down each school item with the amount in USA dollars value the number of items needed, We request you to give to any of your choice according to any of the following items listed . Your monetary donations and support will go directly to purchase the school supplies for the children.


School tuition (fees) 450

26 Dozens of books 96 pages 40

36 Dozens of books 48 page 43.9

8 Dozens of mathematical sets 49.8

5 boxes of pens 31.2

10 boxes of pencils 49.8

TOTAL $=664.7

Please any amount the Lord directs you to give is accepted, no matter how small it might be but it will make a bigger difference in a child's life.
We highly value your donations since the ministry entirely operates by your donations,We therefore appreciate your prayers and support that you have offered to make sure that the children's needs are met and we wish wecould meet you in person to show you how much we appreciate.


Please you can make your monetary donations via online in the ministry website below:
May God bless you and all your family.

Yours in the Lord
Bro David Oteko
2nd of September 2014 10:43 AM
People will always want to know if we (christians) are real and the only way to show them is to let Jesus shine in our lives.
21st of August 2014 06:42 AM
Most people never appreciate what they have till it's gone!!