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New House for Florence Bengo

The roof is gone with the wind.

The roof was gone with the wind.

New House in process

New House in process

A few weeks back we showed the photos of Florence Bengo’s house which the roof was destroyed by the wind, not only the roof was damaged but even the walls as you can see.

The committee decided to take down that destroyed house and build her a new good house which will be enough for her and the family!

The building of the house commenced two weeks back but due to the heavy rains, it has led to it is delay as you can see the photos. The rain is heavy in Uganda which is delaying the building of this house, but we believe that in two to three weeks time Florence and her family will be proudly sleeping in thher new home.

Please consider to continue supporting us as we operate under your prayers and donations!

Thank you for all those ones who donated and those ones willing to donate, please donate $25 for the roofing of this house!

Mission and Faith

Our Mission

Seeking to embody and express God’s love by bringing people together to tangibly help and encourage HIV/AIDS victims and their families in Uganda.


Our Faith

We acknowledge one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Jesus Christ the love, mercy and grace of God are made known to us and all people. From this overflowing abundance of God’s love we find our call to ministry.

We proclaim that “Jesus lived, died, and rose again. Jesus is Lord.” We desire him to be central in our individual and corporate lives, and we seek to share the Good News and the new life available in Christ with all.

What Does the Lord Expect from His People?